Will any walls need to be removed or added during the bathroom remodeling project?

Usually, a new bathroom project will require actions such as changing the structure of the walls, reinforcing the floor and adding ventilation. A bathroom remodeling project of this magnitude will need a permit. The short answer is that, generally, permits are needed to remodel a bathroom. When you make changes to the plumbing, electrical, or structural components of your home, you'll need a permit from the Department of Buildings.

However, small cosmetic changes, such as painting rooms, repairing plaster, or renovating floors, do not require a permit. If you're doing a bathroom remodel on your own, check with your city to see what permits are required. If you are hiring a licensed contractor to remodel your bathroom, they will know what permits the work will require. Depending on the project, some permits may be issued immediately, while others will require an inspection of the plans.

Some bathroom remodeling projects with heavy demolitions will require renting a 20- or 30-yard dumpster to dispose of construction debris. However, according to Erik Listou and Louie Delaware, co-founders of the Living in Place Institute and co-authors of an article on permit issues, “most kitchen and bathroom renovations involve changes in the pipes and electricity behind the walls, which will require a permit. With any bathroom remodeling project, check with your city or county before continuing, without permission. The short answer to whether or not you need a permit to remodel your bathroom is that permit requirements vary from city to city.

There are some general guidelines to follow to predict if your current bathroom remodeling project needs a permit or not. The cost of a bathroom remodeling permit will vary in price depending on the location and complexity of the project. Whether or not you need permits to remodel a bathroom will depend on the scope of your project, where you live, and other factors. When you apply for the bathroom remodeling permit, you can coordinate inspection deadlines with most city or county offices.

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