What is the budget for the bathroom remodeling project?

The cost will vary depending on the scope. And while bathroom renovation has a good ROI, other projects can add more value, such as the replacement of windows and cladding (from 67.4% to 69.4%) or the remodeling of mid-range kitchens (72.2%). With so many options, so many decisions and so many unknowns, the process of starting a bathroom remodel can be overwhelming. If your bathroom has always felt a bit closed and there's an additional closet or bedroom next door, a carefully planned remodel can open up options to expand the space or build a closet for bedding or supplies.

The costs of bathroom remodeling will change depending on whether you do the work yourself or hire a contractor. DIY projects come with a lot of risks and rewards, but things get complicated when you get into structural, plumbing, or electrical terrain, all of which can influence the remodeling of a bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom taking into account accessibility is essential in homes with older adults or with mobility problems. That said, if your bathroom remodel is extremely unusual, modern, or edgy, it could be a major selling point or a negative point if buyers in your area tend to have more traditional tastes.

Instead of considering bathroom remodeling costs as a lump sum, break down each budget item to build the design of your dreams. Whether you're remodeling a small half-tub or renovating your luxury bathroom, the type of bathroom will influence your final costs. Anything that involves moving the pipes, especially the main waste line, will drive up the cost of remodeling a bathroom through the roof. Your contractor may include general cleaning and transportation expenses in their fees, but you'll likely want a shiny, clean bathroom before submitting your remodel.

We know that embarking on such an extensive renovation can be overwhelming from the start, so it's best to know the common mistakes when remodeling a bathroom before you start. More and more homeowners are choosing to include features that comply with ADA standards in bathroom renovations to accommodate elderly or disabled family members. If the average cost of bathroom remodeling seems high, there are a few ways you can save money during the project. Let's build your bathroom remodel from the ground up, whether you're building a spa at home or making custom changes one at a time.

We've examined the basic measurement of bathroom remodeling costs, along with some additional costs that may be surprising, to help you decide how to adapt your vision to your budget.

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