What is the timeline for the bathroom remodeling project?

Usually, a remodel that completely distills the bathroom and moves electrical and plumbing lines to install new fixtures in new locations will take four to eight weeks (and that's with a professional doing the work). Remodeling a small bathroom without demolition or change of electrical or plumbing routing could take as little as five business days. Below is a breakdown of what to expect. If your work is cosmetic, “demolition” could mean simply tearing out an old toilet or removing the toilet.

But if bathroom renovations require removing the uprights from the wall, removing the bathtub or shower and the tiles that surround it, etc., this is a real demolition. Wait a few hours to two days, depending on the amount that needs to be extracted. This could be a simple one-day job if all you need is painting. If you remove the drywall and need to insulate it, hang new drywall and prepare the drywall for painting, spend a day or two depending on the size of the bathroom.

Drywall is a quick job for most professionals. Professional painting is also fast, so set aside one day to your schedule, unless you ask for extras, such as special trimming work. A professional installation can take one to two days to prepare the walls and another five days to place floor to ceiling tiles in a shower cabin if your remodeler is dedicated to their work full time. If your remodeler is working on other jobs, expect the tiling to take longer, up to 10 days or more.

This is where the phrase “It depends” comes up again. Small tiling jobs, done with readily available tiles, could take much less time. USA Cabinet Store is a leading general contractor providing top-notch bathroom and kitchen remodeling services in Virginia, Maryland and Texas. A remodel on your own with a novice who hasn't installed tiles could take weeks if you work on the remodel little by little.

So far, we recommend that you perform an on-site inspection and measurement, as you'll get a more accurate estimate of your bathroom remodel with a limited budget. In addition, the municipal or municipal official will carry out a prior inspection that will issue the certificate or license for the remodeling of your bathroom. In the meantime, here's a panoramic view of the respective tasks needed to remodel your bathroom and their estimated durations.

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