Will any towel racks need to be replaced during the bathroom remodeling project?

Simply decide which components can be easily upgraded with new components. Bathroom design doesn't have to be a complicated and painstaking reform. One of the simplest and most functional ways to approach this project is to replace towels and towel racks with an elegant and quality upgrade. A new rack and a set of high quality bright and fluffy towels are the perfect way to finish your newly renovated bathroom.

Some homeowners want a towel rack inside the shower or bathroom area, which sometimes means that they must install it on ceramic or porcelain tiles. This process is similar to installing on drywall, in that you want to find studs, but it requires special tools to drill the tile. Installing additional towel racks or bars is a brilliant idea. Adding towel warmers is an innovative idea.

Warmers come in various styles and sizes and can keep your towels nice and comfortable for you. Nothing says more old-fashioned than glued ceramic towel racks. Update with some more modern accessories. Amazon is now selling packages in which you can get a full set of matching accessories.

They really make it easy these days. We can earn income from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. The last thing you want is a bar that is too low that allows towels to crawl around the floor and pick up bacteria, or one that is so high that it makes it difficult to remove and change them. While there is an industry standard height that contractors typically use, the best height depends on the layout of the bathroom and who will be using it.

For example, if the bathroom is part of a mother-in-law's suite, you might want to plan for aging in place by making it accessible to people with limited mobility. Later, tips for optimizing the placement of towel racks and rings for maximum comfort and convenience. These height guidelines will allow people with limited mobility from their home to retrieve a towel while seated in a wheelchair. If you are going to decorate a shared bathroom or used exclusively by children, choose the height of the towel rack according to their ages.

These heights will allow most children to comfortably pick up a towel when they are standing without having to stand on their toes and change it themselves. If you plan to install one towel rack on top of another, first determine the height of the lower bar. Measure the length of the largest towel you intend to hang on the bottom bar when folded in width and add two inches to leave room so that the bottom of the towel doesn't touch the floor. To get the height of the upper towel rack, add the height of the lower towel rack plus two inches of space between the lower towel rack and the lower part of the towel that hangs from the upper towel rack, plus the height of the largest towel you want to hang on the bar when folded in width.

A towel rack, generally used for hand towels, consists of a circular band suspended from a holder. While the lower part of the ring, from which the towel hangs, is 48 inches above the floor, the support is located higher up the wall. To determine the height at which to mount the unit, measure the distance from the bottom of the ring to the center of the bracket, add that figure to 48, and then measure and mark the total distance on the wall to determine the mounting height of the towel rack. For example, if you've measured six inches from the bottom of the ring to the center of the holder, you should install the towel rack 54 inches (48 or more) above the floor.

Towel racks are commonly sold in lengths of 18, 24 and 30 inches. Consider both the size of your bathroom and that of the towel when deciding which of these lengths to choose. 18- and 24-inch long towel racks are the smartest space-wise options if you have an average bathroom of 40 square feet. However, a 30-inch long towel rack is also an option in a bathroom of 45 square feet or more, where space is less of a concern.

If you plan to hang bath towels, which are 27 to 30 inches wide (13.5 to 15 inches when folded lengthwise), opt for an 18- or 24-inch long bar if you want to place a towel, or a 30-inch long bar to fit an unfolded towel or two folded lengthwise. If you want to hang hand towels 16 to 18 inches wide (eight to nine inches folded), choose an 18-inch long towel rack to fit one or two towels folded lengthwise or a 24- or 30-inch long bar to fit three folded towels. You can choose an 18-, 24-, or 30-inch long bar as a towel rack for washcloths, which are generally only 13 inches wide (6.5 inches folded). Towel rings come in a variety of sizes, usually no more than eight inches in diameter, that fit a washcloth or hand towel, but aren't big enough or strong enough to hold an average bath towel.

The items may contain affiliate links that allow us to share the income from purchases made. If you don't plan to include them in this bathroom remodeling process, you can look for alternatives. Once you have installed the bathroom tile during the remodeling of your bathroom, you can proceed to place the rail, the shower curtain rod or the shower cabin door. Next, you can move on to one of the most anticipated steps in the bathroom remodeling process: installing the toilet.

Make sure you choose a good shower door that matches well with the overall look of your bathroom remodel. The specific needs of your project will determine the steps of the bathroom remodeling process and its order. Keep in mind that the cost of remodeling a bathroom, depending on the material you replace or install recently, can amount to thousands of dollars for even the smallest bathrooms. First, place tiles in the bathtub cabin or shower walls before moving on to other areas of your bathroom remodel.


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