What is the best lighting for bathroom remodel?

Choose LED bulbs or luminaires that emit bright white light with a high CRI (around 90-100) for the most accurate colors. Bulbs in the “soft white” range of 2700 K to 3000 K are recommended for general use in the bathroom and, in particular, for makeup applications. In a well-lit bathroom, you'll probably just turn on the bathroom light and not think much about it beyond whether the bulb needs to be replaced. But the truth is, when it comes to interior lighting, your bathroom lighting is actually one of the most important elements in your home.

Having the perfect lighting can transform a bathroom without the need for a complete renovation and make a small, cramped space seem open and spacious. On the other hand, poor lighting in the bathroom can ruin even a perfectly remodeled space. The best way to illuminate the dressing table is to place two wall-mounted accessories on either side of the mirror at eye level. Whitehead recommends 100 watts of light per lamp in a master bathroom and 40 watts per lamp in a vanity.

Among the most eco-friendly bathroom lighting ideas is the use of LED lights. They are cost-effective, practical and energy efficient. They are much less hassle and, therefore, are a highly recommended option when it comes to bathroom lighting. Aside from that, they will also last for several years.

Wall lights and multiple light fixtures are popular lighting ideas for bathroom vanities, but they're not the only options. An LED mirror, for example, can be connected to a switch and used with standard luminaires. Many options allow you to adjust the color temperature or dim the light. Choose a backlit bathroom mirror to add dimension.

Strip or ribbon lighting is another great way to add layers of lighting to a small bathroom. The LED lights provide a warm glow that is perfect for placing under a dressing table, in a recessed niche or next to a bookcase. The best thing about strip lighting is its flexibility and ease of installation, making it ideal for areas that are difficult to light. While the exact bulbs may differ depending on the final choice of bathroom accessories, a good rule of thumb is to consider warmer light in the bathroom.

Legrand Adorne's contemporary dimming controls are especially recommended for your bathroom remodeling project. So, the closer you get to mimicking the same thing in your bathroom, the better it will be for your small bathroom remodeling project. Many designers say that bathroom lighting can be one of the most important decisions you can make in your bathroom. All of this means that bathroom lighting is very, very important and is by far one of the easiest improvements you can make to your bathroom.

For example, you should ensure that the shower or jacuzzi area has adequate lighting during the bathroom remodel. One of the broadest bathroom lighting ideas is the inclusion of lights that surround the bathroom with a serene cadence. Although they are essential, lighting is not given the importance it deserves when remodeling a bathroom.

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