How much should you budget for a bathroom remodel?

Many of the products used in bathroom renovations have properties that are resistant to mold and mildew, which will help avoid major problems for years. Ventilation aside, bathroom lighting plays a functional and modern role in the design of your bathroom. As with any housing project that involves plumbing or electricity, a renovation can turn into a remodel if problems or emergency repair needs are discovered in the process, so even if you're planning a quick renovation, it's wise to include a good portion of your budget to consider the possibility of it becoming a full-scale remodel. The components for bathroom remodeling, from a new vanity or bathtub to a new tile floor, come with a fairly wide price range, a clear indicator that there are many ways to keep costs as low as possible.

The bathroom remodeling schedule can take two to three months if you consider the time needed to design, order materials and schedule each contractor. Remodeling a bathroom taking into account accessibility is essential in homes with older adults or with mobility problems. Some bathroom remodeling projects require additional plumbing adjustments to accommodate the new fixtures. Labor can account for more than half of your bathroom remodeling costs, and since DIY isn't an option for larger parts of the project, it can end up a long way out of your budget if you omit it.

If your bathroom has always felt a bit closed and there's an additional closet or bedroom next door, a carefully planned remodel can open up options to expand the space or build a closet for bedding or supplies. Remodeling the bathroom before leaks and cracks have time to become active problems will make the space more pleasant and save on repair costs in the future. That said, if your bathroom remodel is extremely unusual, modern, or edgy, it could be a major selling point or a negative point if buyers in your area tend to have more traditional tastes. Whether your bathroom no longer fits your needs or you could simply use a refreshed look, remodeling is a great way to renovate your home.

In addition to the material, you'll need to decide if a prefabricated (pre-fitted) or custom bathroom vanity works best for your bathroom design. Changing the lamps, expanding the shower, adding storage and chrome faucets and replacing the tiles can make the bathroom look new without the need for a major remodel. We know that embarking on such an extensive renovation can be overwhelming from the start, so it's best to know the common mistakes when remodeling a bathroom before you start. When planning a bathroom remodeling project, consider the ROI of the changes you want to make before you start.

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